There is just something about a colorful environment that makes my heart so happy. Combine that with pattern and other fun elements and I am one happy designer!  

Sometimes I let my imagination run wild and just create spaces to feed my design cravings.  


A colorfully chic entryway  

I personally love the idea vibe of this space. Black and white stripes, paired with leopard print and floral, pops of bold color, including the ceiling. Regal furniture pieces mixed with more modern elements make this room exciting and not too traditional or too modern.  

So what do you think? Would you ever dare to live this colorfully? Share your thoughts! 

INSPIRATION: Art -- what to do with it??

Recently we did a little Facebook poll on questions and dilemmas that people come across for Interior Design. So we are picking a few here and there to hash out the design details! First up:

I’m totally clueless about wall art! My walls are so bare because I have no idea how to balance a room with stuff
— Samantha, Illinois

Well, lucky for your Samantha, we kind of love art... and we love hanging it. Here are some tips that we find useful when selecting art for a space.

First a few questions:

1.) Think about the overall style of your home. Are you eclectic, modern, traditional, a little more funky? Maybe a rule breaker? Or are you the type that finds happiness with order and function, and when things are in their perfect spot?

2.) Do you gravitate more toward photography? Oil paintings? Watercolors? Or maybe all of them?

3.) Do you want your art to showcase family photos or more collected items?

If you are the type that likes order, function and symmetry, perhaps these will work for you:

  • Identical framing & sizes
  • Grid Pattern
  • Similar subjects (example: black and white photography; watercolor paintings etc)

Find yourself being a little more funky and love lively environments? Then these styles may strike your fancy:

  • Mismatched art/collected items
  • Different sizes
  • Different mediums
  • Creating interesting shapes on the walls

If you find yourself leaning toward more modern/contemporary design perhaps these may apply to you:

  • One large piece of art - color or black and white
  • Large groupings of art
  • Let the art be a solid focal point

Are you a little more relaxed and "easy does it" mentality with your decor? Well, my friend, please do not underestimate the power of the lean! That is leaning art of course. Check out what might work for you:

  • Layers, layers, layers
  • Big art with little art, with more big art oh and did I mention more art on top of art? 
  • Pair it with interesting objects and trinkets, think vases and sculptures, things that make you smile. 
  • Lean, lean, lean -- lean art on the walls, on an entry table on the window sill. Wherever your relaxed heart desires! 
  • PS- mix and match too! With this style you can get away with a lot!

In our personal home, I am a little all over with my art styles. I love the eclectic look, but I also pair it with modern. I keep my art galleries tightly hung, too much wall space in between each piece makes it look messy and disconnected. 

Over my sofa I off centered my art collection and balanced it a bit with a vintage floor lamp:

Image Credit - Lisa Gilmore Design

Image Credit - Lisa Gilmore Design

In our entry, I mixed photographs, old comic book art, textile art and modern art, but unified it a bit with all black frames. 

Image credit - Lisa Gilmore Design (please excuse the blurry image snapped with my phone!)

Image credit - Lisa Gilmore Design (please excuse the blurry image snapped with my phone!)

I hope you find yourself inspired to take the leap and hang some art, no more bare walls for you my friend! If you would like more art inspiration, please hop over and check out our Pinterest Board "Art Placement" for more ideas and tips!