It’s the new year, we all do it - we think of ways to improve our life, cut back, laugh more, live fully and feel good. There are diets, work out routines and cookbooks, the list goes on!

While you are thinking of all the ways to improve different facets of your life for the new year - don’t leave out your environment! People often underestimate the value of a happy living space, but if you think about it, it is where you spend most of your time, where you get rest, where you have quiet moments, where you dream and where you plan.

So, if a full remodel or decor overhaul isn’t in your plan, here are a few tips to help give new life to your home:


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Ohhh the quick transformation of paint! To me this is one of the best ways for big change with low risk - because guess what, it can always be repainted! Even just painting the same color can help a space stay bright, clean and fresh. This year, we are seeing people gravitate to more saturated colors on their walls, which we couldn’t be more excited about. However, if sticking to a neutral like a calming gray or a refreshing shade of white is more your speed, that’s okay too, there is no wrong answer here, paint your home a color that brings you happiness, calmness and inspires you.


Colorful interior by Lisa Gilmore Design | Image: Native House Photography

Have you been staring at that old area rug for far to long? Yeah. You have. It’s time to refresh your space with some new knots. Area rug knots, that is! I often hear people say they are worried to spend a lot of money on a nice area rug, because of kids, pets and daily life. However, it should really be the opposite! When you invest in a truly well made area rug with a great fiber content (stay away from poly blends) you can easily clean with something as simple as soda water. Another thing to pay attention to - the back of the area rug and the knots per square inch, the more knots per square inch = more durability, so things like spills can’t get through as easily and stains are easier to remove. You can really breathe a ton of new life into a room with a new area rug to ground the space and pull color inspiration for moving forward with other decor elements.

PRO TIP: don’t make your room feel dwarfed with a rug that is to small! We often see people underestimate the power of a larger rug. To make sure the rug size is proportionate to your room, the rug should hit underneath the front legs of all furniture.


Master bedroom by Lisa Gilmore Design | Image: Native House Photography

There is really nothing like getting into a bed made with fresh crisp sheets, right? Our bedding gets a lot of use, so treat yourself to some new threads for your bed, your dreams will thank you and you will wake up feeling extra refreshed!


Custom throw pillows by Lisa Gilmore Design | Image: Native House Photography

Seasons change, so does your mood. Sometimes it’s nice to switch out your throw pillows for those seasons. Maybe in the winter time you like more cozy, soft and monochromatic throw pillows. While in the summer time you might prefer something with more color, pattern and pop! Either way, dressing up your sofa with a new set of throw pillows for the year (or season) is a great way to refresh any space.


Okay, here’s the deal. I’m a sucker for essential oils. I use them - a lot. I used to burn a lot of candles (and don’t get me wrong, I still use candles) but I have pretty much converted to the use of essential oils in my home (and office). It has such a clean and refreshing impact on your space. I personally love mixing different blends for different moods, seasons and activities. This is an instant refresher for any space and also a mood booster!

What are some of your favorite ways to refresh your space with the new year? Any tips or tricks that you feel must hit the list? Here’s to a happy new year - and an even happier home!

With love & design-y dreams,

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Timeless, classic, tailored, detailed and monochromatic are a few words I would choose when describing this space I am about to share. This home is so refreshing and calm. I honestly feel a breathe of fresh air (accompanied by lilies, the homeowners always have fresh lilies on display.) right when I walk through the beautiful set of glass french doors in their foyer. Not to mention the Gardenia tree that greets you with it's magical smell at that perfect time of year.

When I first meet with a potential client, there are always some key things that tell me we will either click well (myself and the client) or we will not click well at all. Sometimes it's small things, like an inspiration photo they have pulled that really speaks to me, or maybe a specific style they are drawn too. The first time I met with these homeowners, it was no different. But first, let me show you a few before images of their home. They had just moved into the house, and had a few pieces placed throughout, but as you can see, it was far from finished. 

Myself and the homeowners were chatting, learning more about each other and what their goals were for their home. Then it happened. You know, that moment that something speaks to me and I know this is going to be the perfect project and relationship...

As they were talking, I couldn't help but keep looking past them a little bit, wondering if what I was seeing hanging on their wall, was really what I thought it was. And it was. It was. 

An original signed Slim Aarons photograph, proudly hanging in their (what would soon be) dining room. I died, just a little. That was the moment, that I knew this would be something fabulous, and oh my, how it was. 

I'm so excited take you, on a photo tour of these beautiful space, a space that we turned into a home full of character, love and amazing design.

Because this property is filled with so many details, I've decided to break it apart into different parts, that way we can touch on all the amazing elements throughout the home. So please enjoy, part I... 

When the homeowners returned from London, they brought back a beautiful book filled with botanical sketches. We selected a few of the sketches and had them framed and hung in the foyer on top of the stunning hand blocked wallpaper. It fits perfectly with the tone of their historic home and is a lovely greeting for guests, complete with a cozy tufted wing chair duo. 

The formal living room was a really fun space to work with. The fireplace is on an angle, so naturally you feel like you should surround your furniture with focus on the fireplace. In this situation we decided to throw that thought out the beautiful french doors. Instead of letting the fireplace be the focus, we decided it should be a supporting role in the layout. 

Heirloom quality furniture choices, slivers of gold and different hues of wood tones contrast perfectly with the white textile choices. We decided to add the custom plaid bolsters on the chairs for a bit of a masculine touch to accompany the graceful curves of the sitting chairs. 

I really love antique area rugs, there is truly nothing that compares to modern day. We got the rest the furniture atop this antique vegetable dyed peace of art. 

Our clients have a love for antiques, beautiful books and items that tell stories. We were able to combine the use of heirloom pieces passed down through their families and pair them with modern accessories of today. All together, they blended lovely. 

Just past the formal living room, the stairway boasts beautiful architectural documents of sailboats along with black and white photography of regatta races. We had a lot of fun coming up with the framing and layout for this area.

In the dining room we chose a large scale chandelier to dance over  the Ralph Lauren dining table and chairs. A collection of photos from travels, family, friends and their beloved furry friend, Franklin give the dining room a more casual feel. Not too stuffy and formal for entertaining. Plus lots of light, lots and lots of sunny Florida natural light. My heart just sings in there.

And of course, Slim Aarons stayed right where he had been all along, we just let him share the wall with a stately wine cabinet.

This brings us to the end of our part I story, but I leave you with the above photo, that just gives you a sliver into the not so monochromatic family room... 


** All professional photography by Native House Photography


Every once in a while, we get really lucky! We meet really fabulous people who invite us into their homes to design the perfect environment for them, then they ask us to do their workspace. This project was nothing less of that. A while back we completed the private residence for the CEO of The Penny Hoarder (photo tour of that beauty in the near future!). So, without question, I was more than thrilled to accept.


This space is a really cool space, earlier in the year, it was rehabbed and brought back to life by Boyd Construction. The building was on it's last leg (and rumored to once have been a brothel.) They took it to it's bones and made it shine, without loosing it's character of being a 100 year old building. It was a widen open blank canvas. That's where the LG Design team got to work.

Kyle, CEO of The Penny Hoarder, explained he wanted an open work environment. Places for people to collaborate, brainstorm and feel creative. He also wanted to incorporate cozy little spots for people to relax and have conversations. He believes in a healthy balance of work and play, to produce top knotch work. All while having a modern tone.

So we got to work... 

A bright and sunny conference room overlooking Central Avenue. 

An open writers area with individual desks. We decided to design the space with half walls to house all of our electrical needs while creating separation. We finished them off with old brick to bring in that 100 year old building vibe. 

If you know me, you know we are going to try to sneak some wallpaper in somewhere! This time we decided to dress the long hallway with a plum/purple geometric pattern. I absolutely love how it looks with the copper accents throughout the space.  

We also lined the hallway with tourqouise chesterfield sofas, the art was inspired by what started The Penny Hoarder -- couponing! So we had custom acrylic boxes made and filled them with millions of coupons. Okay, maybe not millions, but a lot! You get it... 

While working in an open space is fun, we understand that sometimes you need some quiet spots to get your ideas out and pen to paper. That's where these glass "pods" came into play. Sleek, simple and efficient.  

We mentioned Kyle likes to have a healthy balance of work and play, right? Well if this isn't proof enough... A shuffle board for those much needed breaks! 

Just what would The Penny Hoarder HQ be without some fun with pennies? We love this coffee table featuring Lincoln made out of nothing other the copper pennies! 

More creative writing and collaboration areas throughout the space...

A modern kitchen and break room featuring a stainless steel backsplash in the classic subway style.  


Aren't these copper chairs the coolest?! 

Last, but definitely not least, we had some fun in the bathrooms with a bold wallpaper and paired them with funky mirrors. 

So what do you think? Isn't The Penny Hoarder HQ such an invigorating space? I feel like my creativity would constantly be flowing.  

Tell us your thoughts below! 


All photography by Native House Photography.  


There is just something about a colorful environment that makes my heart so happy. Combine that with pattern and other fun elements and I am one happy designer!  

Sometimes I let my imagination run wild and just create spaces to feed my design cravings.  


A colorfully chic entryway  

I personally love the idea vibe of this space. Black and white stripes, paired with leopard print and floral, pops of bold color, including the ceiling. Regal furniture pieces mixed with more modern elements make this room exciting and not too traditional or too modern.  

So what do you think? Would you ever dare to live this colorfully? Share your thoughts!