There is just something about a colorful environment that makes my heart so happy. Combine that with pattern and other fun elements and I am one happy designer!  

Sometimes I let my imagination run wild and just create spaces to feed my design cravings.  


A colorfully chic entryway  

I personally love the idea vibe of this space. Black and white stripes, paired with leopard print and floral, pops of bold color, including the ceiling. Regal furniture pieces mixed with more modern elements make this room exciting and not too traditional or too modern.  

So what do you think? Would you ever dare to live this colorfully? Share your thoughts! 

INSPIRATION: Small Beauties

Well, we've been slacking on our blog. Things have been quite busy here and we are so very grateful! We've been stacked to the rim with meetings, project installations, doing floor plans, site visits, creative inspiration and of course the fun part of business -- book keeping (yuck!)

We are sorry that we haven't kept up on the blog. We PROMISE for a fresh and inspiring post next Wednesday.

But, at last-- It is Friday afternoon. We are winding down, checking off our lists and making sure all the important priorities have been accounted for on our client lists.

I couldn't help at smile at the view of my desk:

Beautiful flowers, stripes and tea make for the perfect Friday.

Always take a moment to find inspiration in the small beauties. I'm happy I did today.


Happy Friday

xo- Lisa