We are pretty lucky to work with really great people every single day. Seriously, it's true! What's even better is when we meet the perfect client that allows you to push them out of their boxes. When they trust us to show them truly how fun the design experience really can be! 

When I first met with this client, I knew we would hit it off wonderfully. Their family had recently moved down from NYC and were looking to bring a bit of flavor to their new South Tampa home. She came with inspiration from great sources like Lonny, Rue and Elle Decor.  Color, interesting textures, metals, and key pieces to provide a wow factor -- but a need to keep their growing family in mind. 

So let me walk you through the transformation of this stunning South Tampa residence, but first a little day of installation video for you to enjoy!


As you can see, we got really lucky. Our client let us be really dramatic with black walls and lots of bold colors. Yes, black walls. I was giddy. Honestly, I still get giddy when I think about this space. 

When you walk into the home, on the right is the formal living room and the left is the dining room. While the home is really beautiful throughout, these two rooms are my personal fav! 

black dining room - lisa gilmore design
unique edison bulb dining room lighting - lisa gilmore design

This ended up being a really fun table setting. Our client found these beautiful plates from Bloomingdales that we just couldn't resist. The blush glassware and simple candles make it elegant and whimsical. Then I found this fabric and just had to have them made into custom placemats. I was so thrilled our client agreed! 

colorful table setting - lisa gilmore design

At LGD we really love to find things that need a little love and turn them into beauties. These vintage Henredon dining chairs came to us a bit dated and beat up, but fear not. We took them to our local upholstery master and put a fresh coat of white lacquer and faux (and very kid friendly) leather. We love how they came back to us! 

repurposed vintage dining chair - lisa gilmore design

Moving across the foyer into the formal living room, we mixed beautiful blue velvets, zebra stripe and continued the chartruese green and magenta stripe drapery. You saw that drapery, right? Seriously. Swoon. Can't stop staring at it. 

Here is the hand rendering we presented to our clients on presentation today:

colorful interior design - lisa gilmore design

And this is the final outcome! We really love this part! 

colorful formal living room_black walls_eclectic style_lisa gilmore design

The fabric we found for the throw pillows really inspired this space for a starting point. We loved the different shades of pinks, magentas and greens. 

hot pink_pattern_mixing_pillows_floral_lisagilmoredesign
chic_colorful living room_lisagilmoredesign
eclectic living room_black walls_lisagilmoredesign
eclectic coffee table styling_lisa gilmore design

We have so much love for these spaces and are so happy that months later our clients still do as well. They are always telling us how much they enjoy these rooms. Complete with Sunday morning fancy waffle breakfasts with the kiddos in the dining room! 

Stay tuned for the second part of this home... a much lighter, brighter and airier feel in other spaces! 


Timeless, classic, tailored, detailed and monochromatic are a few words I would choose when describing this space I am about to share. This home is so refreshing and calm. I honestly feel a breathe of fresh air (accompanied by lilies, the homeowners always have fresh lilies on display.) right when I walk through the beautiful set of glass french doors in their foyer. Not to mention the Gardenia tree that greets you with it's magical smell at that perfect time of year.

When I first meet with a potential client, there are always some key things that tell me we will either click well (myself and the client) or we will not click well at all. Sometimes it's small things, like an inspiration photo they have pulled that really speaks to me, or maybe a specific style they are drawn too. The first time I met with these homeowners, it was no different. But first, let me show you a few before images of their home. They had just moved into the house, and had a few pieces placed throughout, but as you can see, it was far from finished. 

Myself and the homeowners were chatting, learning more about each other and what their goals were for their home. Then it happened. You know, that moment that something speaks to me and I know this is going to be the perfect project and relationship...

As they were talking, I couldn't help but keep looking past them a little bit, wondering if what I was seeing hanging on their wall, was really what I thought it was. And it was. It was. 

An original signed Slim Aarons photograph, proudly hanging in their (what would soon be) dining room. I died, just a little. That was the moment, that I knew this would be something fabulous, and oh my, how it was. 

I'm so excited take you, on a photo tour of these beautiful space, a space that we turned into a home full of character, love and amazing design.

Because this property is filled with so many details, I've decided to break it apart into different parts, that way we can touch on all the amazing elements throughout the home. So please enjoy, part I... 

When the homeowners returned from London, they brought back a beautiful book filled with botanical sketches. We selected a few of the sketches and had them framed and hung in the foyer on top of the stunning hand blocked wallpaper. It fits perfectly with the tone of their historic home and is a lovely greeting for guests, complete with a cozy tufted wing chair duo. 

The formal living room was a really fun space to work with. The fireplace is on an angle, so naturally you feel like you should surround your furniture with focus on the fireplace. In this situation we decided to throw that thought out the beautiful french doors. Instead of letting the fireplace be the focus, we decided it should be a supporting role in the layout. 

Heirloom quality furniture choices, slivers of gold and different hues of wood tones contrast perfectly with the white textile choices. We decided to add the custom plaid bolsters on the chairs for a bit of a masculine touch to accompany the graceful curves of the sitting chairs. 

I really love antique area rugs, there is truly nothing that compares to modern day. We got the rest the furniture atop this antique vegetable dyed peace of art. 

Our clients have a love for antiques, beautiful books and items that tell stories. We were able to combine the use of heirloom pieces passed down through their families and pair them with modern accessories of today. All together, they blended lovely. 

Just past the formal living room, the stairway boasts beautiful architectural documents of sailboats along with black and white photography of regatta races. We had a lot of fun coming up with the framing and layout for this area.

In the dining room we chose a large scale chandelier to dance over  the Ralph Lauren dining table and chairs. A collection of photos from travels, family, friends and their beloved furry friend, Franklin give the dining room a more casual feel. Not too stuffy and formal for entertaining. Plus lots of light, lots and lots of sunny Florida natural light. My heart just sings in there.

And of course, Slim Aarons stayed right where he had been all along, we just let him share the wall with a stately wine cabinet.

This brings us to the end of our part I story, but I leave you with the above photo, that just gives you a sliver into the not so monochromatic family room... 


** All professional photography by Native House Photography


We all want it, a nice beautiful bathroom. So what is it about bathrooms that make us so happy?

It's our retreat. Our place we start our day and get ready for what is ahead. It's the place we end our day, take off our make up and get ready to unwind and refresh. 

Bathroom renovations are no small undertaking. There are many parts to make your bathroom your perfect oasis. We surely recommend you hire a professional team to conquer the project, however here are a few tips to consider while planning your dream space. 


Lighting is crucial in bathrooms, so planning placement is important to achieve the correct amount in your daily needs. We recommend recessed can lights about 36" apart in your ceiling, a nice amount off of the perimeter of your walls. This way if you bathroom is large enough, you can add a decorative light fixture in the center of the space. (Insert beautiful chandelier here.)

Image featured in Lonny, showcasing recessed can lights and beautiful chandelier.


Maybe you don't have the room for that large walk in linen closet? That's okay! Get creative with your towel storage. In this custom vanity we decided to roll them in the bottom for a lux spa look!

View more from this project here.


We've all seen it, beautiful artisan tile, wouldn't we love to have a whole bathroom adorning it? Well, the reality is, that sometimes it's just not in the budget. So decide to use that tile that you just can't say no to, in small doses. 

Here we used an amazing floral tile made out of small glass pieces (yes, those petals are glass pieces!) then surrounded it with a less expensive subway tile. Everyone wins!


If you are hoping to achieve a truly custom and unique look, have fun with your vanity! Look for pieces that are ready made or able to be customized and have a furniture look. You can see here in this traditional bathroom we really got to have fun with the vanity, it looks like an heirloom piece! So think outside of the typical cabinet box. 

Are you ready to tackle your next bathroom renovation? Make sure your armed with proper inspiration to get the look you are aiming for!


"Transitional" -- what exactly does this term mean? Especially, when describing interior design. Transitional style design, usually means that you have characteristics of both modern and traditional in your space. You kind of fall in that even middle ground between both styles.  

For this dining room, our client was just that. However, she wasn't aware of it. She was trying to pair multiple traditional elements together, but it left her feeling unhappy. The space was feeling dark, filled with heavy furniture and nothing was popping or even uplifting. She knew she liked to mix patterns and textures, but was also unsure of how to achieve that.  

As I looked around her home, I realized that their art collection definitely leaned more on the modern and colorful side of the spectrum. This was a big indicator to me, she wasn't fully traditional at all, she was more transitional! That was my que, and we got to work and this is the result:


A beautiful monochromatic wallpaper pattern on the wall really set the room off, the ceiling is finished with a lovely blue-ish grasscloth featuring an intertwined golden metallic. When the sun hits it just right, it sparkles ever so gently, slightly mimicking the salt water just outdoors.  

A little bit of ikat, a healthy dose of stripe, paired with geometric and zig-zag and finished with a dash of damask. This makes for a stimulating balance of pattern and color. The eye gracefully travels throughout the dining room touching each element.  

And of course, you know me, we must talk about the chandelier! This particular chandelier is a fun choice, it dances gently above the dining table. It is reminiscent of a handcrafted bracelet, something that would adorn the wrist as a statement piece, this chandelier does the same over the table. 

Overall, I am so pleased with how this dining room turned out! Wait until you see with the way we transformed a few of the adjoining spaces throughout the residence.  

How do you feel? Would you love a dining room mixed with so many patterns and textures? 

 All Photography by Native House Photography