Hey there,  Nicole here… resident tile guru! 

This week we are diving into monochromatic spaces. A look at the simplistic yet stunning impact a bit of  tone on tone action can achieve.  Hold on to your seats, because things are about to get beautiful!

Have you ever seen a kitchen and your eyes went straight to the backsplash,  walked into a small powder room and awed at the patterned floor, or stepped into a shower that was immersed in natural stone. That my friends is what I like to call tile heaven.

Lisa Gilmore Design | Native House Photography

Lisa Gilmore Design | Native House Photography

In our recent outdoor kitchen project, we used this glass mosaic backsplash which has plenty of unique characteristics. The shade and surface texture of the backsplash helps each piece to  truly stand out and offers plenty of visual interest with its color variation and pattern play.

Handpainted terra-cotta tile will aways hold a special place in my heart. Dressing up stair risers with these ornate details  in an array of blues is a great way to pull color and fun  throughout the space.

The mixture of elements in these space makes it nothing less than magical. Incorporating cement tile, ceramic, and metals. Yes Please!

This installation of  large format tile and using  the natural edge to finish off the design gives an organic feel to the space and high visual impact. 

Quality tile is a true investment in your home and allows a curated space to come together. Its all in the details and these monochromatic gems will remain classic, and are versatile enough to incorporate pops of color when the time is right! 

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We all want it, a nice beautiful bathroom. So what is it about bathrooms that make us so happy?

It's our retreat. Our place we start our day and get ready for what is ahead. It's the place we end our day, take off our make up and get ready to unwind and refresh. 

Bathroom renovations are no small undertaking. There are many parts to make your bathroom your perfect oasis. We surely recommend you hire a professional team to conquer the project, however here are a few tips to consider while planning your dream space. 


Lighting is crucial in bathrooms, so planning placement is important to achieve the correct amount in your daily needs. We recommend recessed can lights about 36" apart in your ceiling, a nice amount off of the perimeter of your walls. This way if you bathroom is large enough, you can add a decorative light fixture in the center of the space. (Insert beautiful chandelier here.)

Image featured in Lonny, showcasing recessed can lights and beautiful chandelier.


Maybe you don't have the room for that large walk in linen closet? That's okay! Get creative with your towel storage. In this custom vanity we decided to roll them in the bottom for a lux spa look!

View more from this project here.


We've all seen it, beautiful artisan tile, wouldn't we love to have a whole bathroom adorning it? Well, the reality is, that sometimes it's just not in the budget. So decide to use that tile that you just can't say no to, in small doses. 

Here we used an amazing floral tile made out of small glass pieces (yes, those petals are glass pieces!) then surrounded it with a less expensive subway tile. Everyone wins!


If you are hoping to achieve a truly custom and unique look, have fun with your vanity! Look for pieces that are ready made or able to be customized and have a furniture look. You can see here in this traditional bathroom we really got to have fun with the vanity, it looks like an heirloom piece! So think outside of the typical cabinet box. 

Are you ready to tackle your next bathroom renovation? Make sure your armed with proper inspiration to get the look you are aiming for!


Back in 2012, we had fun with this master bathroom/sunroom renovation. This lovely house is located in the Lake Magdalene area in North Tampa. The client had a beautiful lakefront home that is so calming and tranquil. There master bathroom suite, well that was a different story.

So, Lisa Gilmore Design was contracted to tackle the job. So, tackle the job, we did! The bathroom has an unusual "z" shape if you will, it felt laid out very weird. Two vanities, but at opposite sides of the "z", a tub/shower combo on one side of the space, then a walk in shower on the other. It is connected to the master bedroom of course and a very large sunroom as well. The whole space just didn't showcase the clients calming personalities.

Here are some before images:

So we got to work, space planning, meetings with general contractors, specifying materials and finishes. Re-upholstering furniture and closing in the screened room and making it an actual closed in sunroom to enjoy year round.

Here is he finished space:

We switched things around, put the vanities next to each other and since we had a walk in shower, we lost the closed in tub/shower combo and did a free standing beauty. Updated lighting, paint and of course a dash of wallpaper. This master bathroom really came together!

The sunroom is just as lovely:

This project was a really great one, we love walking down design memory lane remembering all of the details!

Happy Thursday!

Inspiration :: Mirrors

Mirror, mirror on the wall… Wait. Scratch that. Fairy tales have been largely underusing mirrors if the wall is the only place they’re placing them.

This reflective piece of glass is not just a utilitarian device. When used in the right way, it can take a room from “eh” to “wow," it can transform spaces, and add a touch of glam to a set up that desperately needed it.

When used as an accent on cupboard or armoire doors, mirrors create light and depth in a room.

Photo Credit:  Houzz

Photo Credit: Houzz

Photo Credit:  Leo Designs Chicago

Photo Credit: Leo Designs Chicago

As backsplash in an unexpected place like the bathroom or kitchen, mirrors add a modern factor to them, whether they have an antique look to them like this project we did a while back or these shiny other options we found when looking around for inspiration.

Photo Credit:  Lisa Gilmore Design

Photo Credit: Lisa Gilmore Design

Photo Credit:  Her Umbrella

Photo Credit: Her Umbrella

Photo Credit;  Tidbits and Twine

Photo Credit; Tidbits and Twine

Photo Credit:  Decor Pad

Photo Credit: Decor Pad

Using them as shelves brings a deco charm to a space.

Photo Credit:  Horchow  and  Refinery 29

Photo Credit: Horchow and Refinery 29

And can anyone really resist a sophisticated piece of mirrored furniture?

Photo Credit:  Bennetts & Madison

Photo Credit: Bennetts & Madison

Photo Credit:  Architectural Digest

Photo Credit: Architectural Digest

In defense of fairytales, though, we have to admit, an amazing, over the top, statement making, focal point of the room mirror on the wall has to be the most beautiful of all.