We just started working on a new custom residential home that is being built in sunny St. Petersburg, in the Snell Isle neighborhood. We absolutely love the start of a new project, meeting with clients, learning their styles, about their families, hobbies including everything that goes into a happy home. I joke often, but it really is a lot like dating - going back and forth, understanding likes and dislikes. Here is the vision we have created for this breezy upscale property.


Vision board created by Lisa Gilmore Design for Custom Cape Dutch Style Home



  • Monochromatic tone all over incorporating the use of contrast to make it fresh and modern. 

  • Wow factors throughout: uses of interesting tile, lighting, architectural details, all shaking hands with supporting characters to create a beautiful and cohesive design.

  • High end resort feel: lush greenery, indoor & outdoor drapery, lovely & durable textiles and unique furnishings. Everyone comes to your house for a great time and they can leave their worries at the door, as if they were stepping into a Slim Aarons photograph  “I'm concentrated on photographing attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places”- Slim Aarons

  • Fashion influences: posh and tailored with an approachable feel, not trying too hard, luxury style that comes at an ease and makes heads turn. 

  • Modern art mixed in with modern and traditional furniture: a curated vibe, nothing will feel matchy, as if you picked up a side table on a trip to South Africa, a painting in France and a light fixture in New York. 

Rendering of Cape Dutch custom home by ClearPH

The home was designed and is being built by our friends at Peregrine Construction. We are so excited to break ground January 2019, follow along with the progress in our social media. #lisagilmore #capedutchmodern


Earlier in the year, we wrapped up this boutique hotel on Clearwater Beach. This project is a special one, as I have always hoped to be able to cross a hotel project off of my interior design bucket list, so with lots of excitement, I am eager to reveal the before and after of this lovely property! 

Hotel Cabana Clearwater Beach, formally known as North Sunrise Motel, really undertook some major facelifts to get to where she is today. This 1950's gem was really in need of some streamlining and polishing. Quite a bit of elbow grease went into this beauty. 

When we were called on the scene the property was adorned with trinkets, overgrown landscaping, dated color palettes and and less than inspiring rooms. 

The new owners wanted to create a casual coastal laid back vibe, without being overly coastal and keeping it modern and up to date with clean lines and simplicity. 

So we got to work, planning out the schematics and getting our design juices flowing! 

The existing conditions of the property... 

The existing conditions of the property... 

Our inspiration hand rendering of how we invisioned the property to transform...


The updated facade of the property...


The interiors of the spaces were teeny tiny. We had to work a lot with every square inch we could find to maximize the space as much as possible. Because this 1950's gem had some limitations we had to compromise in some areas like you do with many renovations, but overall we achieved the goal the new owners hoped for. 

Here are some images of the existing interiors when we were called onto the project:

We updated the spaces with new flooring, tile and gave the kitchenettes a facelift. The furniture was a bit more minimal and streamlined. We kept the color palette pretty neutral and airy with pops of color and vintage photography. 


Here are a few images of the exterior before:

With the exterior we simplified the property, took out a lot of overgrown landscaping, changed the color palette to white, pale aqua and pink and added some eye catching outdoor furniture in different areas. Creating a relaxing environment with a little pizzaz. 


All-in-all, we are pretty excited about how this transformation turned out and hope you agree! We hope that you find all of our hard work paid off and you enjoy a lovely stay at Hotel Cabana Clearwater Beach!


Every once in a while, we get really lucky! We meet really fabulous people who invite us into their homes to design the perfect environment for them, then they ask us to do their workspace. This project was nothing less of that. A while back we completed the private residence for the CEO of The Penny Hoarder (photo tour of that beauty in the near future!). So, without question, I was more than thrilled to accept.


This space is a really cool space, earlier in the year, it was rehabbed and brought back to life by Boyd Construction. The building was on it's last leg (and rumored to once have been a brothel.) They took it to it's bones and made it shine, without loosing it's character of being a 100 year old building. It was a widen open blank canvas. That's where the LG Design team got to work.

Kyle, CEO of The Penny Hoarder, explained he wanted an open work environment. Places for people to collaborate, brainstorm and feel creative. He also wanted to incorporate cozy little spots for people to relax and have conversations. He believes in a healthy balance of work and play, to produce top knotch work. All while having a modern tone.

So we got to work... 

A bright and sunny conference room overlooking Central Avenue. 

An open writers area with individual desks. We decided to design the space with half walls to house all of our electrical needs while creating separation. We finished them off with old brick to bring in that 100 year old building vibe. 

If you know me, you know we are going to try to sneak some wallpaper in somewhere! This time we decided to dress the long hallway with a plum/purple geometric pattern. I absolutely love how it looks with the copper accents throughout the space.  

We also lined the hallway with tourqouise chesterfield sofas, the art was inspired by what started The Penny Hoarder -- couponing! So we had custom acrylic boxes made and filled them with millions of coupons. Okay, maybe not millions, but a lot! You get it... 

While working in an open space is fun, we understand that sometimes you need some quiet spots to get your ideas out and pen to paper. That's where these glass "pods" came into play. Sleek, simple and efficient.  

We mentioned Kyle likes to have a healthy balance of work and play, right? Well if this isn't proof enough... A shuffle board for those much needed breaks! 

Just what would The Penny Hoarder HQ be without some fun with pennies? We love this coffee table featuring Lincoln made out of nothing other the copper pennies! 

More creative writing and collaboration areas throughout the space...

A modern kitchen and break room featuring a stainless steel backsplash in the classic subway style.  


Aren't these copper chairs the coolest?! 

Last, but definitely not least, we had some fun in the bathrooms with a bold wallpaper and paired them with funky mirrors. 

So what do you think? Isn't The Penny Hoarder HQ such an invigorating space? I feel like my creativity would constantly be flowing.  

Tell us your thoughts below! 


All photography by Native House Photography.  


It's been a few months since we finished Fabrica Woodfired Pizza, and I have to be honest, I still love it just as much as the day we started! There is something fantastic about the clean open environment, combined with the fresh ingredients, I just can't get enough!

So I decided to talk about a few of my favorite Fabrica things:

  • Recycled materials. The table tops are derived from old churches around the United States, no trees suffered while creating a spot for you to eat!

Ohio is where these table tops once called home. 

  • This glorious woodfired pizza oven. All 7,000lbs of it. No, that wasn't a typo. At one point, we considered covering the facade in small gold tiles (you know, I love to put gold on anything.) However, honestly, I do believe leaving it in it's natural state was the best choice. The stark white looks so lovely and clean. This oven stands very proud. (And, us too!)
  • Open environment. This space is seriously wonderful. It's open, airy and not over stuffed with too many tables. You don't feel on top of your neighbor, which is really great. I hate it when restaurants shove you next to the bathrooms or the kitchen door. There is plenty of breathing room here.
  • Amazing Italian photography. So, the owners of Fabrica Woodfired Pizza are pretty great. The goal was for Fabrica to have an authentic Italian vibe, so they purchased original photography from a very talented Italian photographer. We got to have fun with it and turn it into wallpaper, creating a beautiful focal wall in the space. I love this image so much.
  • One word, tufting. I mean, really, can there ever be too much tufting in the world? Well, yeah, there can. However, in this case, it's the perfect amount of tufting and it looks fabulous on the camel faux leather. 
  • Pizza. Pizza. Pizza. Amazing, delicious, mouth-watering, pizza.

So there you have it, a few of our favorite Fabrica things! Have you been yet? If so, tell us your favorites below!

General Contractor: Boyd Construction Co.

All photography: Native House Photography