A while back I was browsing through one of my favorite local boutiques (Misred Outfitters); looking through all the different clothes "oh that's cute"; "this is nice"... you know, the standard thoughts while aimlessly shopping. 

Then, I stumbled across this long skirt. I instantly fell in love (like deep love) with the pattern. 

My mind immediately started on this design inspiration whirl-wind. Before I knew it I had put together this make believe dining room, well for nobody in particular. 

Every time I put on this skirt, the dining room pops into my mind. So I decided it was time to share my inspiration with you!

A mixture of purples, magentas and oranges make for a lively and underused palette. Paired with blacks and champagne gold tons take it up to that glam notch, that I always personally crave. 

Are you ever inspired by a random find with your interior? Inspiration comes from all sorts of areas, we say act on it!