Every year, my husband and I sneak away somewhere new and fun to celebrate our wedding anniversary. This year, we escaped to The Smokey Mountains. We stayed in the coolest digs, the retro condo of Furnish Me Vintage, called "The Groovy Getaway", seriously it was like a weekend time warp. 

The weekend was full of relaxing mountain views, shag carpet (yes, for real.), Elvis, Atari and champagne. 

Every day it was a different beautiful sky. What a relaxing environment. Daytime filled with bright blues, fluffy white clouds and rolling green mountains for miles and miles. The evenings looked like a new water color painting every night.  It was quite magical.

It really got me daydreaming about what kind of cabin I would have if we ever owned a vacation home in the mountains. When I daydream this way, I really go through all of the different design scenarios in my mind. A space of whites and grays with distressed woods; vintage Americana looking, with a large proud american flag and maybe a few denim accents? Maybe really traditional and cozy with warm colors, leather tufted sofas and Persian rugs. The list goes on. 

Finally, I landed on it. A relaxed mountain home with a boho chic vibe. Something with a few traditional elements, mixed with relaxed and cozy pieces topped off with some funky finds. 


I know everyone has their own version of what a relaxing vacation home would be. To me, this is it. I feel like I could really unwind and relax here. I love the cozy deep sofa with the tufted arm chair, I could curl up and read a book with a glass of wine easily! Of course I am a fan of pattern on the floor and this rug offers the perfect design. I always love to throw a showstopper piece in somewhere, I think the blue cane chair does just that, talk about conversation starter! I imagine beautiful sun rays peeking through the trees, dancing the on the wood floors. Windows open and sheer drapery floundering about. Preferably, I would like this house situated on a beautiful lake in the mountains. Hopefully one day the day dream will come true! 

After this getaway, I returned to work feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. I really cherish these lovely vacations. 

Happy fourth anniversary, David. Thank you for loving me the way you do, supporting me and always being my biggest cheerleader. Without you, this dream turned into business wouldn't be possible. I am so happy you are alongside me on this amazing journey. Here's to many more years. I love you. 


Newlyweds. July 7, 2012 | Chicago