As the weather warms up for all, beach vibes consume our every day life.  Who doesn't want to be sipping a fruity drink with our toes in the sand?!  Beach decor is everywhere because it's light, airy, and invokes a sense of nostalgia & relaxation.  Just like you don't want to show up to a pool party in the same bathing suit your friend has on, your coastal decor doesn't have to look like everyone else's.

Bright, Fun Color

Blues, greens, oranges, and pinks make a space instantly feel tropical.  Stick to light walls and make your upholstery smile.  Using different textures of fabrics will make your space less sugary sweet.


Airy, Monochromatic

If color is fear inducing, you can stick to the contrast of white and navy for a rich, coastal feel. The light walls with the white upholstery and the navy accents allow for the natural light outside to be part of the color palette.

Lisa Gilmore Design Lakehouse Sancturary

Lisa Gilmore Design Lakehouse Sancturary

Natural Elements

Whether it is an amazing piece of artwork for your walls or a piece of furniture, part of the coastal theme is definitely keeping to nature.  

Gray Malin Photograph "Retro Miami Beach Club, Diagonal"  https://graymalin.com/photography/retro-miami-beach-club-diagonal

Gray Malin Photograph "Retro Miami Beach Club, Diagonal"


Phillips Collection Waterfall Console Table

Phillips Collection Waterfall Console Table

We once had a client say that when he walked into a coastal room he wanted to feel relaxed and like he should be drinking a Corona.  Coastal decor should be just that: fun and relaxing.  

Sun-kissed noses and sandy toes,

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A few weeks ago, we shared this beautiful dining room space, with you. We had such a great time mixing patterns, lighting and textures in the room. We also carried the palette through their family room and kitchen nook! 

In case you missed it, here is a quick image of the dining room, (and here is the full story)

When we designed the rest of the spaces adjacent, we wanted to carry the same color tones and pattern mixing throughout. We certainly didn't want to repeat any patterns either.  So we got to work pulling different options for lighting, drapery, and pillows. 

In the entry way we used this really amazing chandelier, it truly is a work of art. The mercury glass and metal make a fantastic statement piece when you walk in the door. I was so happy when our client approved this piece, I may have danced a little! 

Our client's existing furniture was rather on the darker and more traditional side, so we wanted to lighten up the space and give it some modern elements and interest. Our common color throughout their home was a beautiful watery blue hue. 

For the drapery we chose a fabric with a lovely allover paisley pattern, with the slightest sparkle in the thread. We paired it with a golden linear pattern, water blue texture and fun trim details on the pillows. All together it compliments their existing area rug so nicely. 

We couldn't resist the scale like pattern of this table lamp. It is such a beautiful piece that is subtle and eye catching all at once!

Because our client lives on the water on Boca Ciega Bay, we of course wanted to embrace the waterfront lifestyle, without throwing starfish and seahorse all over. So we chose to accessorize with a few coral pieces and sea creatures rather than allow them to be direct focal points. Another thing that I love to accessorize with is old books, there are so many varieties of colors and styles to have fun with!

In the kitchen nook, we wanted to keep having fun with the pattern mixing and watery blues, however, we decided to introduce a fun pop of crimson and coral. Our client decided to keep their existing light fixture, so we decided to modernize the space with bolder patterns in the custom window treatments and fabric we chose to recover the chairs with. 

All in all we are very pleased with how their space turned out! It is a lovely marriage of traditional and modern, with a healthy dose of pattern mixing to make this quite the lively transitional space!

All photography by: Native House Photography