INSPIRATION: Mr. Selfridge

So what has been your date with the television lately? Recently, mine has been with Mr. Selfridge. A friend let me borrow season 1 on DVD and I must say, I love it! You know I always pay close detail to the set design. I really love the tone they have created. I also love how the show has such a focus on merchandising, that is something that I have always had an interest in as well. So there are multiple things that have me loving this show, the interiors, the fashion, the details and of course the drama! Take a look at some of the images for yourself...

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There is always a particularly moody vibe to these sets. The saturated color (you know, I love deep rich hues!)

I mean just look at this beautiful bedroom scene. That wallpaper. That fabric. Yum! I have heard that the set designer gathers things from her travels and other movies etc. to use on different sets.

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Let's just talk about this amazing stairwell. Talk about a gallery wall. Actually, let's not talk about it, let's just look at all this beautiful art in this image...

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Here are a few other images that really make me love this show...

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Are you ever inspired by what you are watching on tv? What's your favorite show right now? Do tell!

INSPIRATION: Let's Talk Film

This past Sunday was the Oscar's, many people watch for the fashion, the jaw dropping beautiful fashion (it's one of my favorite parts too!) I also personally loved the design of the stage, I thought it was really beautiful. A bit vintage Bond mixed with modern glamour, I can dig that!

So as I was watching the Oscar's and all the excited winners were taking their golden chap's home with proud speeches I started to think about some of my favorite set designs from different films over the years. Here are a few that stand out to me:

"Something's Gotta Give"  There is something about the set of this house that makes everyone crave easy seaside living...

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"The Holiday" I have always been attracted to the clean modern look of this set, no fuss, just good monochromatic design.

"The Great Gatsby" -- Soooo, did you really think we would discuss movie sets and not bring up The Great Gatsby?? Come on! This movie is full of so many amazing design elements, every time I watch this film it's a feast for my eyes...

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So what are some of your all time favorite movie sets? Do they transport you to a dream land of redesigning your habitat? Do tell in the comments below!