I rarely talk about projects on our blog before they are implemented. And certainly not shortly after presentation phase! However, this project has me giddy with excitement and I just have to share some design goodness with you! 

This project in the works is for a local law firm. Currently, their office is a bit dated to say the least, a little sad and dark. So they asked us to come in for an update. We were pleasantly surprised when we were greeted with our clients ahhhh-mazing art collection! (It was actually all created by the owners father, what an amazing artist!) We left feeling so inspired and ready to create a unique environment for our new client. 

Check out what we've got cooking up below:


For option one, we had a vision of saturated blue walls, something that the art will really pop off from. Traditional leather sofas and settees, bold chartreuse drapery paired with a modern take on a classic chinoiserie style fabric on the chairs. All grounded with their beautiful existing antique area rug. 


For option two, we offered the idea of a few more streamlined modern pieces, paired with plaids and more traditional fabrics. The walls would be a dark ebony wood stain, also creating a beautiful backdrop for the stunning modern art work. A lovely pair green velvet chairs will adorn their gorgeous antique area rug.

We are so beyond excited for the possibilities of this space! Either direction they choose, we know will end in the most beautiful results. 

Which option are you drawn too? Which design do you think will be the winner for this law firm? 

With love and design-y dreams,



Every once in a while, we get really lucky! We meet really fabulous people who invite us into their homes to design the perfect environment for them, then they ask us to do their workspace. This project was nothing less of that. A while back we completed the private residence for the CEO of The Penny Hoarder (photo tour of that beauty in the near future!). So, without question, I was more than thrilled to accept.


This space is a really cool space, earlier in the year, it was rehabbed and brought back to life by Boyd Construction. The building was on it's last leg (and rumored to once have been a brothel.) They took it to it's bones and made it shine, without loosing it's character of being a 100 year old building. It was a widen open blank canvas. That's where the LG Design team got to work.

Kyle, CEO of The Penny Hoarder, explained he wanted an open work environment. Places for people to collaborate, brainstorm and feel creative. He also wanted to incorporate cozy little spots for people to relax and have conversations. He believes in a healthy balance of work and play, to produce top knotch work. All while having a modern tone.

So we got to work... 

A bright and sunny conference room overlooking Central Avenue. 

An open writers area with individual desks. We decided to design the space with half walls to house all of our electrical needs while creating separation. We finished them off with old brick to bring in that 100 year old building vibe. 

If you know me, you know we are going to try to sneak some wallpaper in somewhere! This time we decided to dress the long hallway with a plum/purple geometric pattern. I absolutely love how it looks with the copper accents throughout the space.  

We also lined the hallway with tourqouise chesterfield sofas, the art was inspired by what started The Penny Hoarder -- couponing! So we had custom acrylic boxes made and filled them with millions of coupons. Okay, maybe not millions, but a lot! You get it... 

While working in an open space is fun, we understand that sometimes you need some quiet spots to get your ideas out and pen to paper. That's where these glass "pods" came into play. Sleek, simple and efficient.  

We mentioned Kyle likes to have a healthy balance of work and play, right? Well if this isn't proof enough... A shuffle board for those much needed breaks! 

Just what would The Penny Hoarder HQ be without some fun with pennies? We love this coffee table featuring Lincoln made out of nothing other the copper pennies! 

More creative writing and collaboration areas throughout the space...

A modern kitchen and break room featuring a stainless steel backsplash in the classic subway style.  


Aren't these copper chairs the coolest?! 

Last, but definitely not least, we had some fun in the bathrooms with a bold wallpaper and paired them with funky mirrors. 

So what do you think? Isn't The Penny Hoarder HQ such an invigorating space? I feel like my creativity would constantly be flowing.  

Tell us your thoughts below! 


All photography by Native House Photography.  


A few weeks ago, we shared this beautiful dining room space, with you. We had such a great time mixing patterns, lighting and textures in the room. We also carried the palette through their family room and kitchen nook! 

In case you missed it, here is a quick image of the dining room, (and here is the full story)

When we designed the rest of the spaces adjacent, we wanted to carry the same color tones and pattern mixing throughout. We certainly didn't want to repeat any patterns either.  So we got to work pulling different options for lighting, drapery, and pillows. 

In the entry way we used this really amazing chandelier, it truly is a work of art. The mercury glass and metal make a fantastic statement piece when you walk in the door. I was so happy when our client approved this piece, I may have danced a little! 

Our client's existing furniture was rather on the darker and more traditional side, so we wanted to lighten up the space and give it some modern elements and interest. Our common color throughout their home was a beautiful watery blue hue. 

For the drapery we chose a fabric with a lovely allover paisley pattern, with the slightest sparkle in the thread. We paired it with a golden linear pattern, water blue texture and fun trim details on the pillows. All together it compliments their existing area rug so nicely. 

We couldn't resist the scale like pattern of this table lamp. It is such a beautiful piece that is subtle and eye catching all at once!

Because our client lives on the water on Boca Ciega Bay, we of course wanted to embrace the waterfront lifestyle, without throwing starfish and seahorse all over. So we chose to accessorize with a few coral pieces and sea creatures rather than allow them to be direct focal points. Another thing that I love to accessorize with is old books, there are so many varieties of colors and styles to have fun with!

In the kitchen nook, we wanted to keep having fun with the pattern mixing and watery blues, however, we decided to introduce a fun pop of crimson and coral. Our client decided to keep their existing light fixture, so we decided to modernize the space with bolder patterns in the custom window treatments and fabric we chose to recover the chairs with. 

All in all we are very pleased with how their space turned out! It is a lovely marriage of traditional and modern, with a healthy dose of pattern mixing to make this quite the lively transitional space!

All photography by: Native House Photography