Since the big Super Bowl 50 was this past weekend, it got us thinking of amazing entertaining spaces. Places to live, laugh, enjoy delicious food, drinks and company! 

This past summer we completed this pretty amazing Mantuary Retreat. Our client thoroughly loves the great outdoors, aviation and cars. So we took his inspiration and hit the ground running. 

Once what was a big boring concrete box in their newly constructed home, has turned into a warm and cozy environment, with lots of personality and intriguing elements to talk about.

Here is a photo tour of this comfy and enjoyable Mantuary Retreat:

Mixed leather tones, fabrics and patterns creating a warm space. The sandblasted concrete walls gracefully play with the tones in the art featuring fish.

Custom ceiling grids made of basket-weaved rope and wood, float through the entire space, concealing the exposed ceiling.  An industrial zinc bar counter creates a lively element of surprise and another feature to talk about.

Our client's personal taxidermy collection from wildlife sportsman adventures  fill the walls, and I'm sure great stories accompany them. 

Our client had quite a few creative ideas up his sleeve, he was inspired by an airplane wing, to create this vanity. We feel the result was amazing and so out of the box!

With so many note-worthy elements to chat about, it's hard to wrap it all up in one simple blog post. This project was truly one-of-a-kind and a lot of fun to work with the homeowners on. We hope that they enjoy many gatherings for years to come in their new space!

All photography by  Native House Photography  

All photography by Native House Photography 


One of the many amazing parts of being an interior designer is working with clients that have a vision and helping to turn them into a reality. In our latest project, for a client in Old Northeast St. Petersburg, we are making a Sherlock Holmes inspired library.

When thinking of the fictional detective, dark wood finishes, wallpaper and warm colors come to mind and that’s exactly how the Sherlock Holmes Museum in London has the apartment on 221 Baker Street decorated.

Photo Credit:  Flickr

Photo Credit: Flickr

Victorian style furniture and rugs are also throughout the space.

Photo Credit:  Travel Style

Photo Credit: Travel Style

The BBC gave Sherlock Holmes’ apartment a touch of the 21st century for its hit show Sherlock by adding some modern accessories and light fixtures. 

Photo Credit:  Cumberbatched

Photo Credit: Cumberbatched

In our project, though, we wanted to keep the feel of London in the 1890s while adding some subtle details like straight modern lines and metallic finishes that made the space timeless, not dated. 

Lisa Gilmore Design  Sherlock Holmes  Inspiration Board

Lisa Gilmore Design Sherlock Holmes Inspiration Board

Lisa Gilmore Design   Sherlock Holmes   Inspiration Board

Lisa Gilmore Design Sherlock Holmes Inspiration Board

We relied on a mix of fabrics to add character to the space. From a print to a classic English plaid, velour and textured leather, the different surfaces each have their own appeal and brought together make for a room design with as many unexpected turns as a Sir Arthur Conan Doyle novel.

We can’t wait to share the photos of this space when it’s done but for now, we’ll have to leave it as a mystery. The inspiration boards are a pretty good clue as to how it will all come out.

Photo Credit:  Feed Floyd

Photo Credit: Feed Floyd