Inspired by the waterfront of White Rock, British Columbia, Canada - nature, water, fresh air, blues, greens and browns…

White Rock, B.C. Canada image by Lisa Gilmore Design

White Rock, B.C. Canada image by Lisa Gilmore Design

White Rock, British Columbia, Canada image by Lisa Gilmore Design

White Rock, British Columbia, Canada image by Lisa Gilmore Design

A combination of clean lines, natural textures: wood, beach grass & rope, paired with hide and a sculptural coffee table. Rich wood tones, metallic nature inspired art and a bohemian style chandelier create a cozy and inviting living room space for those to enjoy on those rainy gray PNW fall & winter days, but also translate well for the refreshing summer months.

Living Room Design by Lisa Gilmore Design

Living Room Design by Lisa Gilmore Design


We've all been there, in the furniture store, aimlessly wondering looking at furniture and trying to plan how to make it all work perfect. Finally, you found it, the coolest coffee table that you think will be perfect for your space. Then you get home... And...  

It doesn't work.  

Instantly disappointed, you feel defeated and still not loving your space.  

Here my friend, are three tips to help you pick the perfect coffee table, for your room.  


1.) SHAPE - The shape of your coffee table place a large role in finding the perfect one. It really depends on what else you have going on in your room.

So take a look around your room.

Do you have a lot of square boxy furniture? If so, you should consider a round or oval piece.  

Does your room have more curves than straight lines? For example, chairs with curved backs, round end tables? Then going more square or rectangular might be the better choice for you.   

And then, there is the oversized sectional which many people enjoy in their family room. If your sectional is perfectly even on each side, (in length) I suggest going with a square or round piece, it really balances the space well, then everyone has table in front of them to put down a drink etc.  

However, if you sectional just has the little chaise lounge sticking off the end, and isn't perfectly symmetrical, then really you can do either of the shapes! 


2.) SIZE - Figuring out the size of your coffee table, is really pretty simple. Don't let the size be under half the size of your sofa or over 3/4 the size of your sofa. Take a look at the illustrations above, it might help you understand what I am saying a little more. A whimpy little coffee table just makes a room sad and understated, while something too large does the exact opposite and they tend to hog up the space.  


3.) MATERIAL - This is the fun one. You can really bring out your personality with coffee table. There are so many options these days, wood, metal, glass and fabric. Really think about the functionality of your room to make the appropriate choice. A room with lots of kids and pets is not the proper place for a glass table, something more sturdy is your choice.  

Also, please, please, please I beg of you, do not try to match the wood on your furniture to another wood in your room. That is so, um, 1990's. Boxed set furniture is about as boring as your could be! Curate your look, mix it up. If you have a lot of wood, throw in a metal piece, or a painted wood piece.  

Lastly, you can always have fun with fabric. Find a local upholstery shop and have them build an ottoman to your exact specifications that you need. You can really have fun with pattern and texture with this option. Also, if you have little ones, this is a great option, for no hard surfaces, while practicing those first wobbly steps.  


Here are a few coffee tables that catch my eye and can get your wheels turning: 



Campbell Coffee Table, Metal, 39" Dia X 17.5" H  


Harlow Coffee Table, lacquered wood, 47.5Wx24Dx18H


Custom ottoman and room scene from CR Laine.

Marble Fret Table, 41"l x 41"w x 18"h

INSPIRATION: Grand Budapest Hotel

The other night, my husband was watching the movie Grand Budapest Hotel. I have to be completely honest and say-- the actual movie didn't really interest me. However, the set design and color stories had my wheels turning with inspiration!

It all started with this scene in the elevator...

THAT COLOR! That amazing VIVID color! I was so fancied with the red and the purple, it was electric. So my mind quickly started thinking of interior design palettes.

Image credit here


Image Source: Kelly Wearstler

Image Credits: Interiors by design Verner Panton - set designer for Clockwork Orange

Image Credit:  Dorothy Draper

Image Credit: Dorothy Draper

Get inspired and go BOLD! Rev up a room with some red and purple! Do you crave some extreme color in your interior?

INSPIRATION: Color Crush // Green

St. Patrick's Day happened this week, I saw many posts on social media throughout the weekend about green beer, good luck and just a lot of the color green! So of course we had to feature a blog post dedicated to the color. So this week we are crushin' on green interiors, all different shades of green, bright, light, deep and regal. 

Often when I think of green, I immediately picture Kelly Weastler photographed in this amazing green gown in her book Modern Glamour, this look is ever luxurious to me... I personally just want to walk around my home in this green gown on an average day. ;)

Now on to some beautiful spaces...

Here are a few interiors that are so pretty it will have you clicking your heels with happiness in no time!



Image credits: Coco Lapine, Kelly Wearstler, House Beautiful 


So, are you sold on some green for your interior yet? If so, do share! And of course join us on our pinning frenzy of green spaces on our Pinterest Board: Color Crush: Green