Saint Patrick’s Day is around the corner and the holiday immediately brings a few images to mind, the color green and Irish pubs being some of them. Our glam inclination, however, has us dreaming not of the rustic, busy corners of dive bars but the way that other places have taken the charm and character from Irish drinking joints and translated them into more modern, sleek and clean designs.

Like this emerald hued space that makes you want to order a drink by the bar stat…

Or the award winning design for The Lost & Found bar that took the coziness of an Irish pub and made it way more elegant with modern lighting and seats.

How in this home, a vintage industrial bar cart in a basement man cave is just the right amount of unpolished along with an exposed brick wall leading up to it.

And how these super modern restaurants took the classic leather Irish pub booths and green velour fabric and made them so chic with variations. 

Very different from the classic St. Patty’s spots but just as inviting. Cheers!