It's that time of year, when the temperatures are dropping and the nights are much cooler, and I'm not sure about you, but sometimes a night at home with a movie and a cozy blanket are just what is needed! 

Earlier this year we completed this great home theater in North Tampa. Our client wanted a place to relax, have family time and be a show stopper for entertaining. 

We were inspired by old movies, glam elements and classic movie vibes. So we got to work!

Here is a photo tour of the space:

chic gray home theater

Initially this space was just a simple beige box. We kicked it up a notch and designed custom wainscoting to fit perfectly around the homeowners collection of movie posters. We added some sconces for additional ambient lighting and painting the ceiling and trim work to really pull the space in. 

We also decided to have a custom bar built in to the backside of the movie theater seating. Adding a lot more space for entertaining and gatherings. 

transitional gray home theater

This part was really fun, we wanted to create that old cinematography feel, so together with our carpentar, elecetrician and one of our favorite artist we came up with the beauty. 

glam custom bar home theater

I don't know about you, but I can honestly say that I became pretty smitten with this gold herringbone tile, pretty quickly. So we mixed it with this great smokey subway tile, to create a striking detail. 

glam tile detail_ custom home theater

Personal touches make a space so important. Creating those stories that will be fun to tell to your guests! Along with the collection of movie posters, we commissioned this custom piece by the incredibly talented Rebekah Lazaridis to greet guests as they walked up the stairs into the landing. The perfect art deco vibe to set the tone! (PS- she also painted that amazing font over the concessions bar.)

art deco custom home theater art
transitional glam gray home theater

Overall, I think the goal was achieved! A cozy, chic space for entertaining, family time and friends. The perfect balance of art deco glam, movies and modern touches!

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