Every once in a while, we get really lucky! We meet really fabulous people who invite us into their homes to design the perfect environment for them, then they ask us to do their workspace. This project was nothing less of that. A while back we completed the private residence for the CEO of The Penny Hoarder (photo tour of that beauty in the near future!). So, without question, I was more than thrilled to accept.


This space is a really cool space, earlier in the year, it was rehabbed and brought back to life by Boyd Construction. The building was on it's last leg (and rumored to once have been a brothel.) They took it to it's bones and made it shine, without loosing it's character of being a 100 year old building. It was a widen open blank canvas. That's where the LG Design team got to work.

Kyle, CEO of The Penny Hoarder, explained he wanted an open work environment. Places for people to collaborate, brainstorm and feel creative. He also wanted to incorporate cozy little spots for people to relax and have conversations. He believes in a healthy balance of work and play, to produce top knotch work. All while having a modern tone.

So we got to work... 

A bright and sunny conference room overlooking Central Avenue. 

An open writers area with individual desks. We decided to design the space with half walls to house all of our electrical needs while creating separation. We finished them off with old brick to bring in that 100 year old building vibe. 

If you know me, you know we are going to try to sneak some wallpaper in somewhere! This time we decided to dress the long hallway with a plum/purple geometric pattern. I absolutely love how it looks with the copper accents throughout the space.  

We also lined the hallway with tourqouise chesterfield sofas, the art was inspired by what started The Penny Hoarder -- couponing! So we had custom acrylic boxes made and filled them with millions of coupons. Okay, maybe not millions, but a lot! You get it... 

While working in an open space is fun, we understand that sometimes you need some quiet spots to get your ideas out and pen to paper. That's where these glass "pods" came into play. Sleek, simple and efficient.  

We mentioned Kyle likes to have a healthy balance of work and play, right? Well if this isn't proof enough... A shuffle board for those much needed breaks! 

Just what would The Penny Hoarder HQ be without some fun with pennies? We love this coffee table featuring Lincoln made out of nothing other the copper pennies! 

More creative writing and collaboration areas throughout the space...

A modern kitchen and break room featuring a stainless steel backsplash in the classic subway style.  


Aren't these copper chairs the coolest?! 

Last, but definitely not least, we had some fun in the bathrooms with a bold wallpaper and paired them with funky mirrors. 

So what do you think? Isn't The Penny Hoarder HQ such an invigorating space? I feel like my creativity would constantly be flowing.  

Tell us your thoughts below! 


All photography by Native House Photography.  


I have this love, for black and white design. Well, really black and white anything. As I'm sitting here typing this I look down and I am dressed in black and white graphic pants and a black top. The drapery in our studio is black with a classic black and white tape. 

Drapery and sunshine in LG Design studio

I particularly love black and white in bedroom settings. In the spring of last  year, we completed a fun contemporary project in the greater Sarasota area. The master bedroom featured a nice crisp black and white design with touches of gray and adorned with metal elements. 

Photography by: Native House Photography for Lisa Gilmore Design

Photography by: Native House Photography for Lisa Gilmore Design

Photography by: Native House Photography for Lisa Gilmore Design

Isn't the bold black and white pattern on the drapery just delicious? I love how striking it is, I think it pairs so nicely with the black and white lacquered furniture. 

Photography by: Native House Photography for Lisa Gilmore Design

Maybe such a contemporary setting is your style? Here are some textile pairings that might tickle your design fancy a little more:

What are your thoughts on black and white spaces? Are you ready to lack color in your interior? 


INSPIRATION: Contemporary Living

We have a new client that is relocating from Blue Bell, PA to Sarasota, FL and he has hired us to design his home that is currently under construction. The inspiration? Colorful contemporary.

We are pretty excited about it and have been looking through photos of contemporary interiors to get our wheels turning.

Are you a fan of contemporary design? Here are some key factors you should be looking for while thinking about designing your space:

  • Clean lines
  • Lots of use of metal (a lot of times people lean toward chrome, however you are not limited to just chrome.)
  • Modern art
  • Geometric textiles

Here are some images that we were attracted to, so we thought we would share!

Image via Rue

Image via DWR

Image via archilovers

Happy designing!