Alrighty, so it's no secret, I love to paint these little magical images for my clients and their future spaces. I feel like I'm painting a little dream world, that will eventually be their everyday reality. It's pretty exciting! 

The truth of the matter is, I am really an artsy fartsy nerd at heart. I just love art, painting and being creative. It's something that has been part of my life since I was a small girl, learning to paint from my great-grandmother. 

The simple fact that I get to use this in my every day "job" is amazing! I use the word "job" loosely, because what I do feels nothing like a job, it's pure enjoyment. (And to me, that is what work should be!)

So, why exactly do I opt to do this individual paintings for clients? The answer is honestly pretty simple. The environment we are creating for you is 100% custom and for you. No one else. It's honestly something that we bring to life from our creative souls. Doing these paintings is just a further extension of that. When you invest in design services, I really invest in you and your space. 

Secondly, I view your space as a work of my art, so why not enjoy some two dimensional art along the process? 

These painting really help you, the client, get the vision. These paintings are not meant to be exactly precise, or honestly, even perfectly to scale (that's what our CAD drawings are for.) They are meant to help bring the dream to life and get you really excited on the journey you are about to embark on. Truthfully, it's a bit of a relaxer for me too, a chance to unwind and breathe, it's like my yoga.

Here is a collection of a few of my favorite images:

As you can see from the images above, our clients taste really vary from one to another, which is so exciting. I love diving into a new style with every project, and trying to figure out a way to perfectly relay that beaded chandelier, or the fabric for the drapery. 

Well, that's just a little bit of the story behind the paintings you often see posted on social media and in presentations. Maybe I will be painting for you next!