Back in 2012, we had fun with this master bathroom/sunroom renovation. This lovely house is located in the Lake Magdalene area in North Tampa. The client had a beautiful lakefront home that is so calming and tranquil. There master bathroom suite, well that was a different story.

So, Lisa Gilmore Design was contracted to tackle the job. So, tackle the job, we did! The bathroom has an unusual "z" shape if you will, it felt laid out very weird. Two vanities, but at opposite sides of the "z", a tub/shower combo on one side of the space, then a walk in shower on the other. It is connected to the master bedroom of course and a very large sunroom as well. The whole space just didn't showcase the clients calming personalities.

Here are some before images:

So we got to work, space planning, meetings with general contractors, specifying materials and finishes. Re-upholstering furniture and closing in the screened room and making it an actual closed in sunroom to enjoy year round.

Here is he finished space:

We switched things around, put the vanities next to each other and since we had a walk in shower, we lost the closed in tub/shower combo and did a free standing beauty. Updated lighting, paint and of course a dash of wallpaper. This master bathroom really came together!

The sunroom is just as lovely:

This project was a really great one, we love walking down design memory lane remembering all of the details!

Happy Thursday!