Conversations with clients about drapery, sometimes go somewhere on the lines of this: "I just think I want to save money and not do custom drapery." ; "I'm afraid it will take away from my amazing view"; "What really can it do for a space?"

- well. Why don't you just stab me in my interior design heart, and as I'm slumped over on the ground, go ahead and tell me that there are a bunch of gremlins eating all the wallpaper in the world. 

Okay, yeah. So maybe that was slightly dramatic... BUT that is seriously how much I can get behind drapery in your space. It REALLY makes a huge difference. And wallpaper, we will save that for another journal entry, trust me, it will be worth it. 

Alrighty, focus Lisa - back to drapery!

So, here is the deal about drapery. It's fantastic. It's plays a huge factor in the interior design world and will do a ton for the space. Room feeling short, don't worry - we can lengthen you out with that drapery optical illusion. Honestly, that's just a small piece of what drapery can do. 

Here are a few projects that show the many reasons why I adore custom drapery. 

  1. SYMMETRY & BALANCE:: In this space we were able to really balance the room by using drapery. With vaulted ceilings and a lot of open space, the drapery really added some visual weight. The contrasting navy greek key trim added just enough to really pop the drapery and not be overwhelming. 

Navy & white family room by Lisa Gilmore Design 

Navy & white living room by Lisa Gilmore Design

2. SOMETIMES YOU JUST NEED TO ADD COLOR:: Guys. This space. It makes my heart happy when I see the fearless use of color and pattern. So with this drapery, we pulled the color guns out and ran with it. Imagine how these rooms would have looked without that connecting color line going up the walls? BORING. That's how. 

Eclectic and colorful living room by Lisa Gilmore Design 

Custom chartruese and magenta drapery detail 

Eclectic colorful dining room by Lisa Gilmore Design 

3. REPETITION:: In design, we often lean on repetition to really nail it. This monochromatic space really benefited from the power of repetition. Personally, I love the way the horizontal lines carry gracefully around the the connecting rooms as well. 

Monochromatic historic home by Lisa Gilmore Design 

Monochromatic historic home by Lisa Gilmore Design 

4. LAYERING:: Oh the power of layering. I realize that not everyone sees as my brain does, and when I try to explain layering sometimes it just comes out confusing and overwhelming. This is a great example of layering and how you can really play with pattern, texture and other elements to add that design goodness that everyone craves. We implemented this with some great wallpaper and topped it off with a beautiful classic pattern on the drapery. 

Master Bedroom by Lisa Gilmore Design 

Custom drapery detail by Lisa Gilmore Design 

5. ONE WORD - GRANDEUR:: Sometimes, a space just needs that wow factor punch, that "Woah, that's amazing." In my opinion, that is what the custom drapery did for this interior. This project is an oldie, but definitely a goodie. Nothing was held back. We were going for a very whimsical Hollywood Regency approach, and to be perfectly honest, without those stunning drapery, I don't think we would have nailed it. 

Hollywood Regency living room by Lisa Gilmore Design 

So, as you can see, I am a huge advocate for drapery. When we approach it correctly, it will add so much to you interior, and I promise, with the proper textile selections, seamstress and other factors - it will not harm your beautiful view, only maximize it. You can add so much personality through trim, color, texture to really bring character to your space - or you can keep it simple and monochromatic which is also quite lovely. 

Below is a gallery of a few more of my favorite drapery installations, all have many different qualities that I love. 

See you at your windows, with my tape measure, 

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