You learn a lot about someone when you share a meal together.
— Anthony Bourdain

In the world of interior design, lately one of the most coveted spaces are well designed kitchen nooks. People aren't really using formal dining rooms as much and they are flocking to their kitchen nook. 

There are many factors to this, it's close proximity to the kitchen; usually kind of centrally located creating a great space for family meals, homework sessions and to enjoy a cup of coffee.

However, one of the biggest factors that comes into conversation when talking about a kitchen nook usually falls somewhere in the line of durability and easy maintenance. 

Here are a few of our favorite kitchen nooks and different things we love about them.


When we were designing this space, a few things came into play that we couldn't ignore. The curved bay window with lower windows and a great view of the homeowner's lake. We decided to do a curved custom banquet that would extend past the windows onto the wing walls, for extra perch spots and also just adding some visual weight to the space. 

The fabric we chose, of course durable for family use and a great tufting on the top half of the banquet. The seat back height does hit a little bit higher than the window sill, so we made sure to wrap the back so it's pretty from the outside looking in!

Lisa Gilmore Design; Native House Photography


For this kitchen nook, we kept it rather simple. For obvious reasons, doing a banquet just simply wouldn't work, who would want to interrupt this view?! So we kept it to the basics and did a quick refresher with textiles. Our client wanted to keep her existing table, chairs and chandelier. So we updated the fabric on the back of the chairs and coordinated a simple roman shade. 

Lisa Gilmore Design; Native House Photography


This kitchen nook just makes me happy. Point blank, happy. I honestly don't even know where to start on the elements here. I love the functionality of this nook. We custom designed this L shaped banquet to be cozy and the perfect family spot. Since the nook is right next to the back door (aka shoe clutter zone) our carpenter created a slide out drawer to house all the shoes in one spot. Genius! We topped the banquet with an incredibly durable velvet  and paired it with a rustic table and a super glam chandelier. 

However, my favorite part is all the colorful kids art we put on display. The pride beaming from our clients little boy's face is a level of cheer that I will never forget!

Lisa Gilmore Design / Native House Photography 

Lisa Gilmore Design / Native House Photography

Lisa Gilmore Design / Native House Photography


We are super smitten with this kitchen nook completed by our friends over at Bee Studios alongside Becky Morrison, Lynn & Campbell. There is quite a bit of design goodness in this photo. First, I love the perfectly executed casual vibe, with just the right dose of modern touches. The cozy seat cushion on the bench makes for a great place to relax, eat and visit with family & friends. It looks to me that they had the same thing in mind and getting optimal storage for their client!

I don't know about you, but I can never get enough of the iconic tulip table, they integrated it perfectly with the design. 

Bee Studios / Becky Morrison, Lynn & Campbell / Native House Photography

As you can see, there really are no perfect rules for the kitchen nook, other than what works perfectly for YOUR kitchen nook. You can really have fun with this space, keeping it functional and beautiful. Don't be afraid to inquire about custom pieces to fit perfectly into this sometimes oddly shaped crevices of our home. It's usually an investment people do not regret spending. 

Here's to memories of family meals, delicious cups of coffee, homework victories and if your lucky the perfect rays of sunlight in your happy little kitchen nooks. 

With love & design-y dreams,

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