Earlier, in January, we were lucky enough to spend a week in Paris, it was such a dream! It has been on my design bucket list to attend the trade shows in Paris, and they lived up to everything I thought they would be! 

Lisa having a dreamy moment standing under the beautiful lanterns adorning the streets at Deco Off. 

Lisa having a dreamy moment standing under the beautiful lanterns adorning the streets at Deco Off. 

I really love going to trade shows, it's such a great way to discover new vendors, artisans and emerging talent. Building new connections is so vital for a successful interior design business. We truly love to discover new talent and stay ahead of the trends with our projects. 

Here are a few things that really spoke to me at the shows, so hard to narrow it down to only a few, but don't you worry your pretty little head, there will be a lot more of Paris on the blog in the future too! So I decided to break it down into different segments, to not overwhelm you at once. 

AREA RUGS: There were quite a lot of area rugs throughout the show, but these beauties really stood out to me. Their modern design and muted color palettes really showcased well. I couldn't stop staring at this first one, I thought it was such an interesting design, I could picture it easily in a striking hallway. 

colorful modern area rug
muted color modern rug
modern braided rug

And this rug, well this, THIS was MY lucky find! You will not believe the steal I got on this pretty! I was in an antique store down the street from the flat we were staying in, and it was crumbled up underneath a console table, the pattern and colors stuck out to me. I absolutely had to take it home with me. So this my friends, is the designer and her beautiful new rug selfie, because that totally makes sense, right?!

I know what you are currently thinking, how in the world did she get this home?! To answer your question, yes, you can check in an area rug at the airport. You might just get a few sideways stares...

antique rug finds

Here she is in my home, I really love the color and pattern and the green just matched perfectly with my velvet sofa! 

antique area rug_eclectic living room

There were really a million and one amazing area rugs to drool over at the trade shows and indpendant storefronts. I wish I would have taken more photos to share. 

Which tends to lean toward your personal style? More modern or the antique find that I stumbled upon? 

With love and design-y dreams,

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