We absolutely love the start of a new project, meeting with clients, learning their styles, about their families, hobbies and things that all go into a happy home. I joke often, but it really is a lot like dating - going back and forth, understanding likes and dislikes etc. etc.

We just started working on a new custom residential project that is being built in sunny St. Petersburg, in the Snell Isle neighborhood, and we have loved getting to know this lovely family as we start designing the space.

So here is a little bit more about the vision for this beautiful future property:

British West Indies meets Dutch Cape vibe::  polished and elegant with mixes of natural and approachable (*and durable*) elements

  • Monochromatic tone all over::  but incorporating the use of contrast to make it fresh and modern. 

  • Wow factors throughout:: uses of interesting tile, lighting, architectural details, all shaking hands with supporting characters to create a beautiful and cohesive design.

  • High end resort feel:: lush greenery, indoor & outdoor drapery, lovely textiles and unique furnishings, everyone comes to your house for a great time and they can leave their worries at the door, as if they were stepping into a Slim Aarons photograph  "I'm concentrated on photographing attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places" - Slim Aarons

  • Fashion influences:: posh and tailored but a very approachable feel, not trying to hard, luxury style that comes at an ease that makes heads turn 

  • Modern art mixed in with modern and traditional furniture:: nothing will feel matchy, a curated vibe, as if you picked up a side table on a trip to South Africa, a painting in France and a light fixture in New York. 

Vision board created by Lisa Gilmore Design for Custom Cape Dutch Style Home

Rendering of Cape Dutch custom home by ClearPH

The home was designed and is being built & executed by our friends at Peregrine Construction. We are so excited to break ground January 2019, follow along with the progress in our social media! #lisagilmore #capedutchmodern

With love & design-y dreams,

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