Ikat textiles have been trending pretty heavily lately, truthfully, it's a trend that I hope sticks around for a while. There are a few reasons why I really love an Ikat, it's a great blending pattern. It has an opportunity to piece together multiple patterns and styles. Ikat also is a great way to pull in multiple colors into a space.  

Here are three design vibes that showcase different ways to use the Ikat pattern, all with a different result. 

This first moodboard reflects a bit of a whimsy with a touch of glam. The Ikat creates a strong pattern on the chair and pairs nicely with stripes and bold graphics. This is a scenario where you can have fun with your throw pillows and accessories to create a cheeky environment.  

A bit more calming and tranquil, in my opinion this creates a nice transitional space. The serene colors play nicely together. Using the Ikat on the area rug then topping it off with a large scale houndstooth ottoman gives this an unexpected jolt of pattern, keeping the space modern, while the all over furniture palette is light and airy.

Richer colors, warm tones and a bit more of an earthy vibe when using the teak coffee table. This certainly leans in the traditional direction. A wingback chair covered in a medium scale "dot" pattern marries nicely with the global looking Ikat rug. Mixing patterns and textures for throw pillows will also keep this fun and fresh.  

What are your thoughts on the Ikat pattern? Are you currently having fun with it in your environment? Share your Ikat stories with us in the comments below!