Animal print lovers rejoice! If you haven't heard it yet, you are hearing it here -- leopard print IS a neutral. Well, in my world it is.  

For a while, we have really be seeing this pattern pop up in the fashion scene and it's really starting to become a comfortable print for interiors as well.  


You can easily pair this multiple ways for your wardrobe and how you are feeling. Dressy, casual, with solid blacks or paired with certain patterns -- it really works well, with, actually almost everything! You know how it goes, fashion design and interior design are always intersecting. So why not think of ways to infuse it into your interior design as well?  


I love mixing leopard print with other prints. It has a really great small scale that I think cozies up nicely with other patterns. Here, I see it with an amazing malachite wallpaper and softened with some pink drapery. Something kind of like this... 


Another thing I really love about leopard print, it has both black and brown hues, which makes it wonderful to blend with. It really has a natural ability to warm your palette up without overwhelming it.  

You know how I just said I love pairing it with different patterns? We can't leave out floral. Leopard and a well done floral is nothing short of perfection in my eyes. A few solids to balance and you've got a well done over all tone. I honestly would potentially even push the envelope a little more with this palette and introduce a stripe or a plaid to really mix it up! This is how I envision these fabrics being used: 


Last year, when we were at market in the fall, I really fell in love with this vignette at one of our upholstery vendors showroom. I couldn't help but snap a photo of it, I mean, those leopard chairs with the chinoiserie and plaid... Swoon, right?  


Are you convinced? Or have you been using leopard print as a neutral all along? What are your favorite pairings? Tell us below!