You've seen part I and part II of this beautiful residence, the whole space is primarily monochromatic finding interest with textures and patterns.

Well, there is one room in the house that is simply not monochromatic. We really got to have fun with this space. I think I will let the photos speak for themselves...

Through the glass french doors into the beautiful sunlight family room

What are those snippets of art I am seeing in the space? Well, my friend, they are exactly forty-four vintage sketches from Men's Vanity Fair. Can you say eye-candy? It really is a feast for your eyes, you can spend hours staring at the walls (good staring at the walls, that is!) at these gents. Each sketch has such a fun story, hanging them in such an impactful way was a no-brainer. 

A lot of small details went into the design of this home, one of my favorite are these pillows we had custom made from Hermes scarfs. They compliment the antique vegetable dyed area rug so well. 

Sunshine filters in so beautifully in this space, Mr. Franklin is most happy in his custom fabricated dog bed, that perfectly fits the space!

It's really hard to decide which area of this home is our most favorite? Part I, II or III? Cast your vote below!