Last Fall, when we were at High Point Market, we saw a lot of amazing things, one thing that kept popping up? Shagreen.  Never heard of it? Well, let us show you a  little. 

First up, so what exactly is Shagreen? 

sharkskin used as a decorative material or, for its natural rough surface of pointed scales, as an abrasive.
a kind of untanned leather with a rough granulated surface.

Image via Lisa

I particularly love it mixed with metal. There is something about the rough texture paired with smooth metal that I just love! Seriously, this side table below is one of my absolute favorite pieces of furniture on Earth. So simple, but so striking.

Shagreen isn't limited to furniture pieces only, if you don't want to commit to a full piece in shagreen, smaller items like mirrors and accessories can do the trick. 

However, if you are looking for a more prominent shagreen statement in your space, there are many beautiful large scale pieces, like consoles, bookcases and even headboards! 

Personally, I love that shagreen can be used in traditional or modern settings. If you are looking for a subtle texture, this is a great element to add to a space. Here are a few examples of interiors using the luxurious material. 

Monochromatic, elegant and refined:

Image via Lillian August

Modern and mixed with pattern:

Image via: Anne Hepfner

Cozy, dark and a little unexpected on this bathroom vanity:

Image via: The Telegraph

The great thing about shagreen is it is also very durable! So how can you go wrong? Style and strength. That makes me happy!

Do you have shagreen in your space, or are you considering it now?