Last fall, during my trip to New York, I went on the Sex and the City tour (yes, I know, cheesy. However, I will admit I thoroughly loved every three hours of it.) During the tour we stopped at the famous Buddakan.

You know, the spot for "the last single girl kiss".

The instant I walked in, I fell in love with the space. We were greeted with beautiful hardware. I love it when restaurants pay attention to hardware, it's those little details that I like to call the jewelry of the space which make such a huge difference. 

Entry hardware

The moment we walked in I was happily welcomed with bright colors splashed through the space, the bold fretwork designs really caught my eye and I couldn't stop gazing at them!

Then, I turned the corner... and this stunning banquet hall dazzled below me. The grandness was really quite amazing. All of the beautiful wood work, the long linear tables, the large scale chandeliers dancing through the space, like graceful ballerinas. I can honestly say, this room evoked a very powerful emotion. 

I just couldn't stop staring at this room, I was in awe!

Have you ever been to Buddakan? I was really happy to have had a private tour of the space, but it really left me dying to try the food too. Next time I am in New York, it will surely be on my dining to do list!