INSPIRATION: Let's Talk Film

This past Sunday was the Oscar's, many people watch for the fashion, the jaw dropping beautiful fashion (it's one of my favorite parts too!) I also personally loved the design of the stage, I thought it was really beautiful. A bit vintage Bond mixed with modern glamour, I can dig that!

So as I was watching the Oscar's and all the excited winners were taking their golden chap's home with proud speeches I started to think about some of my favorite set designs from different films over the years. Here are a few that stand out to me:

"Something's Gotta Give"  There is something about the set of this house that makes everyone crave easy seaside living...

Image credits: Image one; Image two; Image three

"The Holiday" I have always been attracted to the clean modern look of this set, no fuss, just good monochromatic design.

"The Great Gatsby" -- Soooo, did you really think we would discuss movie sets and not bring up The Great Gatsby?? Come on! This movie is full of so many amazing design elements, every time I watch this film it's a feast for my eyes...

Image credit: Image one, image two, image three

So what are some of your all time favorite movie sets? Do they transport you to a dream land of redesigning your habitat? Do tell in the comments below!