INSPIRATION: Color Crush // Green

St. Patrick's Day happened this week, I saw many posts on social media throughout the weekend about green beer, good luck and just a lot of the color green! So of course we had to feature a blog post dedicated to the color. So this week we are crushin' on green interiors, all different shades of green, bright, light, deep and regal. 

Often when I think of green, I immediately picture Kelly Weastler photographed in this amazing green gown in her book Modern Glamour, this look is ever luxurious to me... I personally just want to walk around my home in this green gown on an average day. ;)

Now on to some beautiful spaces...

Here are a few interiors that are so pretty it will have you clicking your heels with happiness in no time!



Image credits: Coco Lapine, Kelly Wearstler, House Beautiful 


So, are you sold on some green for your interior yet? If so, do share! And of course join us on our pinning frenzy of green spaces on our Pinterest Board: Color Crush: Green