Man Cave (noun) :
     A part of a home specifically reserved for adult male activities such as drinking beer     playing games and watching TV often a garage or den.

Well, if you know me at all, I'm not really into sports, I try to get into it, understand the game, get excited for the team... but it just doesn't really happen for me. So you can understand my anxiety when I was asked to do a Man Cave... but I got my head in the game (pun intended) and I must say, I think I want a Man Cave for myself now. However, I'm not really a fan of the term "Man Cave" -- so I think I will use the term "Mantuary" here on out.

So this client, loves football (FSU specifically) and golf. And well -- anything sporty. His inspiration for his space was dark and moody and a place for the bros to hangout. So we got to work and I must say, I think we will be delivering just that!

This space will be full of dark woods, bricks and leather walls. Yes, you heard me right, leather walls. (I'm SO excited about that) Lots of manly fabrics, full of hounds tooth and big thick weaves for ottomans etc. Here is a look at our materials presentation:

We think this will be quite the luxurious Mantuary. A place to relax and be comfy but do it with style!

So we got to work on the floor plan. Taking out some walls, moving some plumbing to allow for a new bar and working on the layout for the theatre seating and fun gaming areas.

Theatre Area, Mantuary sketch by principal designer, Lisa

Comfy Seating Area, Mantuary sketch by principal designer, Lisa

Custom Bar Area, Mantuary Sketch by principal designer, Lisa

Are you as excited as we are? How about THAT bar?! We want to hang there, that is for sure. This space will be filled with millions of TV's (okay, well maybe not millions, but a lot!) A gulf simulator, bar area, lounge area and so much more.

We are looking forward to seeing this Mantuary project go underway and can't wait to keep you up to date, hey you might even catch me sporting a Bears jersey!