DESIGN PROJECT:: For the Love of The Green Egg (BEFORE & AFTER PICS!)

Alright guys. So apparently this whole Big Green Egg is a big deal. Like, a real big deal. So big of a deal, that we designed a new outdoor living space... around the Big Green Egg. It really made for a fun project. The homeowners have a beautiful home that they built roughly seven years ago, they entertain a lot and wanted to maximize that space and really update it, and really the husbands only priority was to fit in the egg. 

So we got to work. 

We collaborated with Olde World Cabinetry on this project, using the best finishes available for this outdoor space. 

Here are a few images of the space before, so you can see what we were working with.

We all got to work, reconfiguring the cabinetry, designing a beautiful custom hood, picking finishes and furniture. 

We thought it would be best to tile the back wall of the outdoor kitchen in a beautiful glass tile, from counter to ceiling. It really brought such a grand feeling to the space. Plus it sparkled when the light hit it. 

lisagilmoredesign_outdoorkitchen 1

I mentioned the glass backsplash tile has a certain sparkle to it, right? Yeah. It does. It's pretty. We love it. 


... and this chandelier. It's so simple, yet so stunning. 


Some other elements include a sweet little daybed by the outdoor fireplace and other little nooks that include a fire pit. We had a lot of fun mixing and matching some lovely fabrics to add some interest to the space. 


This project turned out to be a really lovely space, monochromatic, classic and very functional. We just know that they will enjoy it for many years to come! 

So does this project have you reconfiguring your Big Green Egg in your head?! From our understanding it's a pretty important element for the outdoor chef!

DESIGN PROJECT:: PART II :: A Punch of Color to the Face (but, in a good way, we promise...)

Last week, we shared Part I of this property with you. If you missed it, don't fret, you can see it right here.   

As promised, here is the second half. The family room and kitchen nook areas are much lighter and airier than the more "formal" areas of the house. 

We incorporated and super cozy velvety sectional sofa (I see your eye rolls, YES, this fabric IS super kid friendly and durable.) A few custom built ins and window seats provide ample storage for books and kids toys. Their son has actually dubbed this as his "car garage" for his toys, go on kid, load it up! Floating floor poufs combined with all the seating, make for many great seating options throughout the room.

lisagilmoredesign_family room 1
lisagilmoredesign_family room 2
lisagilmoredesign_family room 3

Moving over to the kitchen nook, we had a lot of fun there. This needed to be a practical space for everyday eating, homework and daily life. We had our carpenter build a custom "L" shaped built in, complete with hidden storage in a pull out drawer. That's right, no more piles of shoes at the back door! *Can we get a high five?!* 


We really enjoyed framing all this really fantastic art created by their son, it really took the whimsy of the space to the next level, top it off with a glam chandelier and you've got a pretty fun space for kids and adults. 

Also, I must say, their 4 year old son was over the moon with happiness to see his art on the walls. He was full of so many stories to tell me about each piece. I definitely encourage you to showcase your children's works if possible, it's so good for their little souls and pride! 


We really adored working with this family on their home. We hope to continue to be in their lives for many years to come! Hopefully you enjoyed this residential property as much as we did designing it. Take a peek below at some of the before images of the space via the real estate listing. 

Could you see yourself living in this super chic but family friendly space?!

DESIGN PROJECT:: PART I :: A Punch of Color to the Face (but, in a good way, we promise...)

We are pretty lucky to work with really great people every single day. Seriously, it's true! What's even better is when we meet the perfect client that allows you to push them out of their boxes. When they trust us to show them truly how fun the design experience really can be! 

When I first met with this client, I knew we would hit it off wonderfully. Their family had recently moved down from NYC and were looking to bring a bit of flavor to their new South Tampa home. She came with inspiration from great sources like Lonny, Rue and Elle Decor.  Color, interesting textures, metals, and key pieces to provide a wow factor -- but a need to keep their growing family in mind. 

So let me walk you through the transformation of this stunning South Tampa residence, but first a little day of installation video for you to enjoy!


As you can see, we got really lucky. Our client let us be really dramatic with black walls and lots of bold colors. Yes, black walls. I was giddy. Honestly, I still get giddy when I think about this space. 

When you walk into the home, on the right is the formal living room and the left is the dining room. While the home is really beautiful throughout, these two rooms are my personal fav! 


This ended up being a really fun table setting. Our client found these beautiful plates from Bloomingdales that we just couldn't resist. The blush glassware and simple candles make it elegant and whimsical. Then I found this fabric and just had to have them made into custom placemats. I was so thrilled our client agreed! 


At LGD we really love to find things that need a little love and turn them into beauties. These vintage Henredon dining chairs came to us a bit dated and beat up, but fear not. We took them to our local upholstery master and put a fresh coat of white lacquer and faux (and very kid friendly) leather. We love how they came back to us! 


Moving across the foyer into the formal living room, we mixed beautiful blue velvets, zebra stripe and continued the chartruese green and magenta stripe drapery. You saw that drapery, right? Seriously. Swoon. Can't stop staring at it. 

Here is the hand rendering we presented to our clients on presentation today:


And this is the final outcome! We really love this part! 


The fabric we found for the throw pillows really inspired this space for a starting point. We loved the different shades of pinks, magentas and greens. 


We have so much love for these spaces and are so happy that months later our clients still do as well. They are always telling us how much they enjoy these rooms. Complete with Sunday morning fancy waffle breakfasts with the kiddos in the dining room! 

Stay tuned for the second part of this home... a much lighter, brighter and airier feel in other spaces! 

Below is a little gallery of what these spaces looked like prior to us designing them. (via real estate listing)


You've seen part I and part II of this beautiful residence, the whole space is primarily monochromatic finding interest with textures and patterns.

Well, there is one room in the house that is simply not monochromatic. We really got to have fun with this space. I think I will let the photos speak for themselves...

Through the glass french doors into the beautiful sunlight family room

What are those snippets of art I am seeing in the space? Well, my friend, they are exactly forty-four vintage sketches from Men's Vanity Fair. Can you say eye-candy? It really is a feast for your eyes, you can spend hours staring at the walls (good staring at the walls, that is!) at these gents. Each sketch has such a fun story, hanging them in such an impactful way was a no-brainer. 

A lot of small details went into the design of this home, one of my favorite are these pillows we had custom made from Hermes scarfs. They compliment the antique vegetable dyed area rug so well. 

Sunshine filters in so beautifully in this space, Mr. Franklin is most happy in his custom fabricated dog bed, that perfectly fits the space!

It's really hard to decide which area of this home is our most favorite? Part I, II or III? Cast your vote below!